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Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that is used for organising and facilitating collaborative digital content creation. It has the flexibility of allowing multiple content author to create and publish information online in a controlled environment. As one of the early adoptors of the Joomla! CMS, we are specialist in customisation and deployment of this open source platform.

Key Benefits of using a Content Management System

  • Extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of application deployment, be it Web Portal, eCommerce website, eMagazine & eNewsletter publications, corporate or non-profit websites, the possibilities is essentially endless.
  • A CMS is modular and plugin-based, which means each set of logical functions (eCommerce capability, Newsletter component, Publishing tools, Social Networking features etc.) can be installed and uninstalled with minimal effort.
  • Easy self-maintenance with different user access levels control for collaborative content production coupled with rich media types and dynamic content authoring.
  • Complete and stable framework for custom features development.
  • Capable of multi-lingual content publication. 

Key Features of our Content Management System

  • We use award-winning Open Source Joomla! CMS, well-known for its stability, extensibility and wide community support.
  • Easy authoring of content through the use of intuitive WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) user interface editor that is very similar to common word document editors.
  • Wide range of design templates to choose from and we also offer custom template designing and premium template design.
  • Have a peace of mind with backup utilities to help you keep copies of your entire website for restoration in the event of hacking or unintentional changes made, additional web security features are also available upon request.

Why Shin Concept Content Management System Solution?

  • Being the early adoptors in Content Management System (CMS), notably Joomla!, years of experience has led us to come up with a standard guideline for our clients in determining the requirement of our clients and also a checklist that covers all major aspects such as best practices and security configuration that a CMS-based website will need. We are systematic in our approach and ensures that quality of a website is consistent.
  • We believe in value-adding for our clients through our solution, thus we are on a constant search for additional services and benefits we can pass on to our clients. All our clients who take up our Content Management System (CMS) package will be provided with additional services such as premium listing in our network partner's business directories, major search engines and directories (Google, Yahoo and Bing) submission for your website, Google Map integration, Web Analytics setup and on-site training etc.
  • We will not leave you to fend for yourself after the project completion, we seek to establish a long-term working relationship with your business. Knowledge articles, FAQs, technical support and maintenance package are available for your continuing needs. 
  • With our core background and foundation in Software Engineering, we believe in adhering to well-defined, world-recognized Web Standards such as HTML and XHTML markup, CSS styling and Document Object Models (DOM) from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Javascript conventions from ECMA International. By following web standards, we produce website that has increased compatibility across browsers and the highest level of usability and quality
  • While it is extremely difficult in creating a CMS Website that is compatible across today's world of varying browsers as each has its own set of scripting and implementation, by adhering to Web Standards and conducting cross-browser compatibility testing, we try as much as possible to ensure that your website will look and function consistently across most major browsers in the market, some browsers included are: 

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