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eCommerce Website

eCommerce, e-Commerce or more formally known as Electronic Commerce, is the best method of increasing your sales revenue and expand your business's market reach. Online services and payment mechanism have matured over the years, thus rendering the number of people making online transactions to grow exponentially. We offer the complete eCommerce solution to every of your online venture's need.


Membership Software

Creating a membership subscription community is one of the best ways to make online revenue in today's Internet market. Do you have premium content, be it ebooks, knowledge articles, music, videos or some unique content that you want to share with the Internet community for a small monthly fee? Or do you wish to create an online exclusive club and offer unique content or services to its member for recurring fee?


Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that is used for organising and facilitating collaborative digital content creation. It has the flexibility of allowing multiple content author to create and publish information online in a controlled environment. As one of the early adoptors of the Joomla! CMS, we are specialist in customisation and deployment of this open source platform.


Online Course Registration

Whether you are in the business of running a training institute, a private school, tuition centres or an individual offering lessons,  full courses or seminars to the masses, an online course registration and class management system will be the ideal tool to helping you extend your reach into the Internet market. Allow your students to browse, view class details, register and pay and even attend the course online through our system.


Custom Web Development

With a strong foundation in Software Engineering and vast experience in custom web application development over the years, we are confident of delivering most common web systems that you are able to see online. With well-proven Web Development methodologies, our consultant will guide you in detail throughout the conceptualisation, planning, development, testing and maintenance stage.


Food Ordering System

More and more restaurants and buffet catering providers are adopting Online Food Ordering System as their competitive edge to lead the others in the business. The online system provides an online presence of the restaurants and caterers, enabling them to reach out to their customers in multiple ways such as 24/7 online menus, timely marketing and promotion programs which in turn leads them to increase their sales.